Io Ballo Da Sola 2

Featuring: Alexa Thomas

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As Alis Locanta's camera — in this case the 4K state of the digital art Red Camera MX — moves along a hallway we hear Alexis Tomas before we see her. Alone in her home she's dancing and enthusiastically singing along with the music she's listening to on a pair of headphones. "Io Ballo Da Sola 2" utilizes the same premise as the original, and to excellent effect. Pausing to reflect after the song has ended, Alexis leans against a wall and runs her hands across the filmy fabric of her mini-dress. In deliberate stages she exposes her petite breasts, removes her dress to reveal a pair of scant white panties, and then proceeds to masturbate. For this entire sequence the camera, positioned outside the room, remains static and ambient music plays over and around Alexis's moans and sighs of pleasure. Then Alexis changes her mind, and Locanta changes his style. The Spanish beauty walks quickly to her bedroom, and the camera, now handheld, follows along, the music silenced. Once she's comfortably arranged on the bright white linens of her bed the second half of "Io Ballo Da Sola 2" adopts a much more intimate, immediate, and far more explicit style. Alexis relies on the stimulation provided by her fingers and hands for the first part of this segment, but she soon produces a crystal probe and immediately puts it to use. After liberally lubricating it with her saliva, she inserts one end in her pussy. Then, as her fever rises, she removes the probe and reinserts it, only this time flipping it around so that the three thick spheres that served as a handle now plunge with increasing vigor into her hungry center until orgasm overwhelms her. "Io Ballo Da Sola 2" delivers an intense and intimate private erotic interlude with equal portions of style, beauty, passion, and heat.

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